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Top story: Spain aspires to be the mecca of the new ‘liquid gold’ that will dethrone petroleum.

The pine resin industry has a global turnover of around 10 billion dollars, providing more than 10,500 industrial jobs and around 220,000 jobs for resin producers around the world. And Spain has the potential to lead the industry.

  • Spain is the country with the largest number of resin manufacturers in Europe.
  • More than 90% of pine resin extraction in Spain takes place in Castilla y León.

According to Blanca Rodriguez-Chaves, vice-dean of the UAM, “Resin is the world’s oil of today and the future. The idea is that all uses of oil will be replaced by resin. Arranz clarifies that “more recently, for the last four years, research on biomaterials has been carried out by the UPV. The objective is to try to replace petroleum derivatives due to the problem we have of climate change and the accumulation of plastic. And the idea of the companies is to invest in the second transformation industry by developing R&D projects”.


Upcoming news

  • Poverty in Spain: more than 13 million people at risk in 2021 and almost 45% had difficulty making ends meet. If we compare Spain’s AROPE rate (at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion rate) with that of the rest of the European Union countries, Spain would be the fourth country with the highest risk of poverty and exclusion, only above Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Melilla migrants tragedy: The Prosecutor’s Office has asked the Interior Ministry for more videos of June 24, when a crowd of more than 1,000 migrants tried to enter Spain through the Chinatown border crossing in Melilla. The massive entry attempt ended with an avalanche in which dozens of people died, although the authorities of both countries have not yet been able to establish an official figure. In order to investigate the events, the Public Prosecutor’s Office opened proceedings and as part of this work has now requested more material from the department headed by Fernando Grande-Marlaska.


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