Our team of fixer in Spain takes you on a visit to a village in Spain that looks like the French Provence but is less than an hour away from Madrid.

It is called the garden of the Alcarria, and its impressive lavender fields are famous when they bloom, filling everything with color. But Brihuega is much more. It is not that we recommend you to go to Brihuega in summer, it is that it should be almost obligatory by law to see at least once in a lifetime the landscape of Spanish Provence.


The buzzing of the bees, the colors of the fields mixed with the sky, the sun caressing your skin, the incredible and relaxing smell of lavender and nature, in all its glory, exposing one of the greatest beauties of Castilla-La Mancha.

Besides being the place of pilgrimage of instagramers and photographers who find in the flowering of lavenders to the Spanish Provence, this village of Guadalajara has a more than interesting historical center. Brihuega is a medieval village worth visiting all year round.

If you are looking for a unique filming location in Spain, contact our fixer team in Spain. It will be a pleasure to join your team in your next project.



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